Onsite & Offsite Drapery & Rugs

Onsite & Offsite Drapery & Rugs

Restoration Cleaners is a professional cleaning company, catering to the Hotel and Hospitality Industry with on-site and off-site cleaning of drapes and rugs.

Service Advantages
• Same day service
• On site professional removal and re-hanging of drapes
• Guaranteed no shrinkage
• Our state of the art process removes harmful dust and allergens without damaging fabric.
• Regular rotational cleaning significantly preserves and extends the life of your drapes

On-Site & Off-Site Drape Services:
Our On-Site service basically brings our dry cleaning plant to your premises, professional take-down and re-installation of the drapes, and our safe dry cleaning process.
• We inspect for damage and lubrication; pins, hooks and runners are replaced if needed.
• We make sure that drapes are carefully labelled so that they are re-hung on the same window and all labels are removed after cleaning.
• We hand fold all drapes after cleaning so that no stretching occurs, thus eliminating damages and fabric stress.
• Drapes will be cleaned and re-installed within the same day.
Our Off-Site service will be able to handle larger orders with a 24-48 hour turn-around.

Drapery Maintenance Program
We offer you the opportunity to establish a regular rotation of drapery maintenance based on your individual needs as well as the industry standards. Restoration Cleaners will provide a consistent quality of service that ensures maximum life from the investments you have made on your draperies. Our drapery maintenance program is a tailored fit cleaning schedule that has a complete and thorough inventory. Our custom tracking system allows us to customize a schedule for room cleaning that works for your hotel.

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